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The Ybor City Museum State Park provides a fun and educational experience to school groups. While visiting the Museum, students will learn about significant people in Ybor City’s history, important events and places that helped shape the area, and discover what it was like to live in Ybor City at the turn of the last century. 

Important information about tours of the Ybor City Museum State Park:

1. Touring the Museum is free for educational groups and their chaperones. The group teacher or leader will need to present a fee waiver letter at the time of the visit. A sample fee waiver letter is included in the downloadable Field Trip Guide. The waiver letter covers one chaperone per every ten students, and any additional chaperones will need to pay the regular $4 entry fee. 

2. This tour is best suited for students Grade 4 and above.

3. The Museum can accommodate groups of up to 60 students per day. Groups larger than 60 will need to split their visit between two different days. 

4. Each group has an allotted time slot for their tour, and if your group arrives late the Museum cannot guarantee that your group will receive the full tour experience. The Museum often has many groups scheduled on a given day and may not be able to allow your tour to run past its scheduled time slot. 

Teachers, please download the Field Trip Guide below for more information and all necessary forms, as well as some lessons to incorporate prior to your visit.

Ybor City in the Classroom Lesson Plans

The Ybor City Museum Society has created a series of in-class activities to either supplement your class trip to the Musuem or to teach students about Ybor City if you are unable to take a trip to the Museum. Activites have been created for grades 4-8 that are realted to three themes: the growth of the Ybor City community, immigration and Ybor City and the unique words of Ybor City. Each activity is aligned with Florida State Standards. 

New! City Ties Program

Educators, are you looking for classroom activities that relate to your field trip or local social studies content?

The Ybor City Musuem State Park and Henry B. Plant Museum have partnered to bring you the City Ties Activity! We want to make the unique histories of Ybor City and Tampa, as well as their ties, more accessible to you and your students.

With these activities, you and your students will:

  • Access projects that are tailored to teach/reinforce local history
  • Learn using primary sources
  • Cover social studies curriculum for grandes 4-6
  • Use cross-discipline skills

Click Here to download the City Ties Activity!

Experience History!

To help students make the connection between Ybor and Tampa, the City Ties Tour is designed to offer a one-day field trip opportunity to the Ybor City Musuem State Park and the Henry B. Plant Museum. 

Start your morning at the Ybor City Museum State Park to learn about the founding and evolution of Ybor City and the cigar industry, and tour the restored home of a cigar worker. Continue your journey to the Henry B. Plant Museum to experience life in the Gilded Age at the opulaent Tampa Bay Hotel and learn how Henry Plant influenced the developement of Tampa. 

The City Ties Activity can be used as classroom lessons, independent learning to build upon social studies content, or as pre- or post-City Ties Tour field trip content. 

To schedule a City Ties Tour, please contact Todd Edwards at 813.258.7301 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..